Wedding Tip Thursday!!


The day you get married you should be on cloud nine, blissfully happy, and sometimes…ignorance is bliss, right? I’m not saying you necessarily want to be ignorant of certain things but the truth is, there are some issues that could arise that you just shouldn’t have to deal with the day of your wedding. A wedding planner can certainly help run interference for most things but I also like to suggest a Bride names a “Big Dog” for the wedding day. I don’t know how I ended up calling this person the “Big Dog” but it has stuck, so I just go with it. ;-)

The “Big Dog” is the one who can make any major decisions the day of the wedding…the one who can speak for the Bride and Groom casino pa natet should something happen that you won’t want to know until after it is all done. Such as: You said no shots at the bar but your favorite uncle is insisting and saying he will pay for it, should he be served the shots? You said no children but your Mom’s boss arrived at the ceremony with her toddler…should she be admitted? You’re at a venue that allowed you to bring in alcohol and it is about to run out…is it okay to go get more and if so, who will pay for it? Your future in-laws want to surprise you with “funny” decorations on your car…is that okay? Your cousin says she wants to send champagne to the Honeymoon Suite…should she be told where you are staying? And so on…

There may not be anything that comes up like this, but just in case, communicate who your “Big Dog” is to your vendors and make sure you’re not the one dealing with any surprise situations. Then, put your trust in that person and enjoy your blissful celebration.