Bride and Groom Wedding & Anniversary Gift Ideas

The wedding plans and details may be completed, but have you thought about your gifts to each other? The traditional bride and groom gift, which can be given to each other the night before the wedding, or the morning of, is an optional gift, but it is one of my favorite traditions. The bride and groom could pick a timeless gift for one another, something that they could treasure over time. The groom could give his bride jewelry to wear on the day of the wedding, earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet. The bride could give her groom engraved cuff links, or a watch, that could complete his outfit. Other thoughtful gifts ideas include having an artist paint a picture of where the groom proposed, or maybe even having a sports jersey personalized with the brides new last name if you are a huge sports fan.  And if your getting ready for your first anniversary and are scratching your head on what to buy that wonderful spouse of yours, check out this list of traditional gifts, a theme for each year that can help you out! It's also a special time to have yourself a nice romantic dinner, maybe reread that wedding guest book of yours, while drinking a nice glass of wine and trying that top of your wedding cake that has been sitting in your freezer for the past year! A cute idea that I love, is take a picture of you and your spouse with a sign that says how many years you have been married, and continue to take that picture every year to watch yourself grow old together!

Best Wishes!

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