Day of Wedding Coordination- what exactly does that entail?



Merry merry!

This is one of the best articles I"ve read that explains exactly what Day-of Coordination iswho needs a Day-of Coordinator (hint: any bride who doesn"t want herself/her MOB/MOH to be stressed on her wedding day!), and what exactly a Day-of Coordinator does!

Huffington Post: The Truth About Day-of Wedding Planners

If you"ve been confused about the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Day-of Wedding Coordinator, allow me to explain: a Wedding Planner will plan your wedding from soup to nuts, working with you on everything from venue selection, contracts, design, decor, selecting linens, confirming vendors, and everything in between. Your Wedding Planner may be the very first phone call you make after you"ve shared the lovely news with all of your family and friends! She will walk you through the entire wedding planning process- allowing you to be involved as much or as little as you"d like.

A Day-of Coordinator has a different role in that she comes on board later in the planning process, typically 3-6 months before your wedding date.  After you have secured your venue, vendors, and planned every detail, your Day-of Coordinator will take the reins and execute your plan flawlessly. You"ll get to know her over the course of two meetings and sometimes also a venue walk-through; she will make sure that every single detail is accounted for, written down and executed. This written plan is known in the wedding world as your Timeline, that sacred document that tells everyone exactly where to be, when, and why. It"ll let your mother know what time she has to be at the salon to have her hair done, when your baker is delivering your cake and exactly which table that macron tower is to be placed on, and who is supposed to be taking home all of your gifts (and all of those centerpieces you carefully DIYed) at the end of the night.  Your Day-of Coordinator authors this plan, starting from your rehearsal all the way to the post-sparkler exit linen pick-up. She will be there to run the show, setting up your decor, cueing the organist, calling a cab for that groomsman, and maybe sewing on a button or two. She is the go-to on your wedding day so that your mom can be a wedding guest and most important of all, so that you can be a bride.

A word of wisdom: it"s never too early to book your Wedding Planner or Day-of Coordinator!