DIY Friday! Chalkboard Wine Bottles

Happy DIY Friday! We love finding fun ways to add character to a table! Turning wine bottles into DIY chalkboard labels is super easy and can be used as table numbers. There are so many ways to use these! We ended up using chalkboard tiles that we found in the scrapbook section. You could use the sticky kind, but our store didn't carry them.

All you need is:

- a bottle of wine

- chalkboard labels (We tried chalkboard paint and it was a big mess!)



-glue (we started with embellishment glue, but switched to craft glue)

Measure the chalkboard tiles to 3 inches by 4 inches.


Cut the tiles.

And glue them down! A glue gun would work too and may dry quicker.

Hold the label down and put extra pressure on the corners.

These would be great on the table with centerpieces!

Happy DIY Friday!


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