DIY Friday- Chalkboard Wine Glasses!

Happy DIY Friday! This week we thought it would be fun to do a quick and easy DIY that would be perfect for a New Year's Eve Party! Instead of using wine charms, how fun would it be to use a chalk and write names directly on the glasses? We used wine glasses, but you could do this with champagne glasses.

These are so easy and inexpensive to make. All you need are some wine glasses (we got ours at the dollar store!), some chalkboard paint, an old tupperware container, painter's tape, and wax paper. You could substitute towels or foil for the wax paper.

Pour some paint in the tupperware and put a ring of painter's tape on the bottom of the stem.

Dip the stem in the paint and swirl it around, allowing the excess paint to drip off.

Hang them over the side and let them dry. To keep them evenly coated and to prevent drip marks, we rotated ours a few times.

We ended up turning them around in a longer tupperware, but it definitely isn't necessary.

We let it dry over night to be safe, but they were dry after a few hours.

You could use white chalk or color coordinate to match your event decor. These would super fun for bridesmaids or bachelorette parties!

Happy New Year!

xoxo, Erin

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