DIY Friday! Confetti holders!

Happy DIY Friday! We love a beautiful exit from the wedding! One simple and pretty way to do that is to have the guests throw paper confetti or flowers petals. We made simple confetti holders!

All you need is:

-          Paper (we used thicker scrapbook 12 x 12 paper)

-          Glue stick

-          Scissors

-          Labels if you want to add a little note

-          Ruler

Fold or measure four 6- inch squares and cut the paper.


Dog ear one of the sides in.

Glue inside of the fold.

Then put some glue on the other side. This will be the part that sticks when you roll it.

Roll the opposite into the dog-eared side and add some extra glue if you need it.

We added a sticky label and hand wrote a note, but this would be super simple to print up!

All that’s left is to fill them!

Happy DIY Friday!




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