DIY Friday! Crepe Paper Pomander

Happy DIY Friday! We love the idea of a sweet flower girl with a pomander! We loved the idea of using crepe paper streamers for roses. It is definitely a fun twist on fresh flowers! They could be used in place of globes and could be all sizes and colors!

All you need is:

- Glue gun and sticks

- crepe paper streamers (3-4 packs, get extra!)

- styrofoam ball form (we used 6 inch)


-push pins

Cut crepe paper into 24 inch strips. You are going to need a LOT!

Crumple the strips up. This is the fun part!

Now you are going to roll each strip into a rose. We rolled the first few inches into the center of the bud and put on some glue.

Begin to twist around and form the outside petals. We added some glue wherever it seemed loose.

This takes practice and doesn't need to be perfect! Even the messier ones will look good. Play around with the different size buds and petals. Place a dollop of glue on the styrofoam ball and place the roses on glue.

Press firmly on the flowers. Secure loose flowers with push pins, if necessary.

When you are ready, pin on the ribbon.

Keep gluing the flowers until you are full! These are great for flower girls or for hanging decor!

Happy DIY Friday!