DIY Friday: Decorative Christmas Trees!

I am really excited to share this craft with you today. Tomorrow is December 1st, so the Christmas decorations are starting to make an appearance, if they haven't already taken over!

What you will need:

- Cones

- Yarn



-Glue Gun

-Mod Podge

The cones were purchased at Michaels, and everything else I had on hand. You can use almost anything for this craft, and if you don't have anything on hand any store that carries craft supplies will have these sort of things.

First, I started with the glass beads. I Mod Podged the side of the cone and started placing the glass beads on. After I finished one layer I set it aside to completely dry while I worked on the others. When I came back I used my glue gun to start gluing beads to fill the holes left by the first layer. As you will see in the final result, I glued a few layers and the bumpy texture ended up looking great.

If I did it again, next time I would spray paint this cone first. This way if there are gaps in the beads, then a color would show through instead of the brown.

I then moved onto the tinsel and yarn trees. For this I used my hot glue gun and slowly wrapped the layers around the cone. This worked well for both the tinsel and the yarn. Just take your time and make sure the glue has dried before you rotate the cone and continue to glue.

Then I took my pearl strands and cut some individual pearls off. One-by-one I started hot glue-gunning the pearls to the tops of the trees. They ended up making cute tree-toppers!

While I had my craft supplies out, I just couldn't resist making some glittery tea lights to go with my new trees! Candles like this can be purchased at a dollar store and they usually have some seasonal scents, or there are unscented ones if you prefer. Take a sponge brush and some mod podge and cover the outside, then gently roll and dab it onto the glitter that you have poured onto a flat surface (that will be easy to clean up and keep the glitter contained).

The final result!

I am really happy with how these turned out! I love looking at these on the coffee table and seeing a fun craft that turned out great. They are unique and didn't cost much at all!

Make it pretty!

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