DIY Friday! Fall Monogram Wreath

1-photo 4 (1)

1-photo 4 (1)

Happy DIY Friday! We love Fall and coming up with new ways to decorate for it! We made a simple Monogram wreath that can be hung on your front door or in your party decor!

All you need is:

-Black Acrylic paint

-Small paint brushes (we used one with a straight edge and a large one)

-1/3 of a yard of burlap

- a letter to trace (We used our monogram M from one of our favorite DIYs  here)

- quilt loops


-black sharpie

1-letter wreath

1-letter wreath

Start by tracing your letter with a sharpie onto the burlap.

Then simply paint in your letter.  We painted the outline first with a smaller angled brush then used a larger brush to fill it in.

Let it dry (we placed it on wax paper) and you are ready to put it in the hoop.

Once you have secured it, pull the fabric to stretch it tight. Then trim the excess fabric.

1-photo 4 (1)

1-photo 4 (1)

Now you are ready to hang it up!

Make it pretty!