DIY Friday! Glitter Champagne Flutes

Happy DIY Friday! We love the look of special toasting glasses! With the right lighting on your cake table, they can play a big role in glamming things up! We made a pair of Glitter Champagne flutes that can take the look up a notch!

All you need is:

- Champagne glasses

-Martha Steward Multi-purpose Craft Paint (These come in many colors, we chose Florentine Gold))

-Sponge brush

-Painter's Tape

This paint really is awesome! You could customize these in any color!

Tape of the bottom of the glass part with painter's tape. You can skip this if you are really neat!

Squeeze out some paint!

You are ready to paint! We used light coats and ended up using two coats.

Allow an hour to dry between coats. When they are completely dry you are ready to cure them in the oven. Place the glass on a cookie sheet upside down.

Be sure that no paint is touching the cookie sheet. Do not turn on the oven and preheat- that will crack the glass. Set the time for 30 minutes and turn it on to 350 degrees once the glasses are in.

When the timer goes off turn the oven off and keep the glasses in the oven and let them cool completely. Then let them sit for 3 days before putting anything in them. After that they are ready to use and dishwasher safe!


Happy DIY Friday! Make it Pretty!