DIY Friday: Gold Leaf Champagne Flutes

Inspiration Shoot

Inspiration Shoot

PhotoCredit: GlamourAndGraceBlog

We came across this craft on another blog and we absolutely adored it! Although we haven't had the chance to do the craft ourself, we really wanted to share it with you! This is a really great idea for a wedding. To use those glasses on your wedding day, and then pull them out on your anniversary would be so cute!

This craft is relatively simple with little time and supplies needed.

- A gold leafing set that comes with the sheets and adhesive.

- Wax Paper

- 2 Brushes - 1 for applying adhesive, and a soft one to smooth the edges of the gold leafing once it is applied

- Champagne Flutes

First you will want to make sure that your champagne glasses are clean and dry. Then, with your paint brush, paint whatever shape that you want with the adhesive on the glass. You can do hearts, your initials, or even your wedding date!

Let the adhesive dry completely (it will look clear). This will take about 20 minutes.

After that, take the gold leaf and a piece of wax paper back-to-back, holding them both. Place  the gold leaf over the dried adhesive shape with the wax paper up. Press firmly on the wax paper to ensure the gold leaf sticks to the adhesive.

Use your fingers to pull away the larger chunks. Then, with the clean, soft brush clean around the edges. Some sets include a sealant for the gold leaf, at this point you can paint sealant on to help prevent the gold leaf from flaking.

And that's it!

Thank you Glamour&Grace for the inspiration, we really love this DIY craft!

Make it pretty!

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