DIY Friday! Heart Garland

Happy DIY Friday! One of my favorite things about Valentine's Day is that you have free license to go a little cheesy:) I love going to the dollar store and finding fun things to decorate with on Valentine's Day! I always have a ton of paint samples. So I used them to make fun heart garland! So simple and easy, you won't mind making it for your Valentine!

All you need is:

- Some paint chips

-A needle and thread

-A heart cut out (we used our small heart punch out we used for our heart toppers)

It makes it more fun when the paint colors have names like "Hot to Trot" and "Fire and Ice!"

Now just start punching out hearts!

We like how these look like conversation hearts. You could add your own notes to them!

Next you thread them all together and you are ready to hang it!

We made a bonus DIY project in the frame. We are all about love notes and printed "I love you because" on some fun paper and framed it. Each day you can leave a note for your valentine on the glass with a dry erase marker! From doing the dishes to the things that make you love them the most! An easy way to count the ways you love each other!

Happy Valentine's Day!



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