DIY Friday! Hurricane Candle Wrap

Happy DIY Friday everyone! We love adding candles to any table setting and party to add a soft glow. Candles are a cost-effective way to add flare (pun intended!) to any setting! We  added some pre-cut cardstock around hurricanes to make them extra special!

All you need is:

-Pre-cut cardstock or scrapbook paper

-double sided tape

-hurricane candle holder (and candle)

-scissors and a pencil

Double sided tape is a DIYer's best friend!

Wrap the paper around the hurricane.

Mark along the height.

Cut to the correct height!

We wanted to keep the top nice and clean looking so we put the cut edge along the bottom.  Break out your double sided tape and stick on the paper.

Once you have taped along the first edge, put more tape on top of the paper.

These DIY's make me realize I need a manicure! Wrap the paper around and secure to the tape.

We had some fly away pieces so we secured those with tape. You are all set to light! We love the pattern reflected on the wall!

Happy DIY Friday! Make it Pretty!