DIY Friday! Monogram Wall Hanging

Happy DIY Friday! We love coming up with fun ways to create meaningful pieces for your home! We made a monogram wall hanging that is so simple and can be customized in so many ways! This would be great as a signature board!

All you need is:
-A blank monogram letter (ours came from AC Moore)

-Stencils (we used sticky removable ones from AC Moore)

-Acrylic paint in the color of your choice

-sponge brushes and painters tape

We wanted to add some depth so we painted the edges black. We covered the top edges with painters tape and got painting!

Carefully peel off the tape and LCB is a site that has ranked all the online casinos Blackjack bonuses by most attractive to least, they do this by inputting all the factors like wagering requirements, bonus size etc into a database and sorting it on these factors. begin to stencil. The stencils we used were sticky which helped to line them up.

Keep going until you are all full! We loved how this turned out like an old newspaper!

Let it dry and then you can hang it up! We love to add touches like this and the house key from here to our picture walls!

Happy DIY Friday!!


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