DIY Friday! Mr. & Mrs. Signs

Happy DIY Friday! We wanted to make signs to hang off the bride and groom's chairs for an upcoming wedding. We love how these turned out and they can be customized with colors, ribbon and shape! All you need is:

-Paint for the background color (We used white trim paint)

-Paint for lettering and trim (we used gold metallic paint that works on wood)

-Stencils for lettering


-Sponge brush

-Drill and scissors

Start by painting the wood pieces all over in your base color. We used basic white trim paint we already had.

Make sure to paint the edges! Paint them both and let them dry overnight.

Get your metallic paint ready to go. We used a fancy paper plate :)

Line up your first letter and make sure that it is sitting even and level.


Get stenciling and be careful to blot the paint to help keep it from running.

Keep going until you have Mr. and Mrs.

When your letters are done you can paint the edges.You don't have to do this, but we think it adds some dimension.

Let them dry. When they have completely dried you are ready to drill your holes. We measured in from both edges to make sure they were even.

Get a drill bit that is big enough to fit a ribbon through.

Drill your holes on both sides.

Pull your ribbon through. We used a skewer to help pass it through.

You are ready to tie it to the chairs! We opted for a simple ribbon but you could definitely add a bow!

Happy DIY Friday!