DIY Friday! Painted Pumpkins

Happy DIY Friday! We love pumpkins and coming up with new ways to decorate them! We decided to keep up our monogram from last week's wreath. You could change the colors and what you paint on them to match what your decor!

All you need is:

-High Gloss White Spray Paint

-Clear Gloss Spray Paint (optional, but helps paint last longer)


-Painter's tape

-Paint Brush

-Acrylic paint (we used black)

Start by taping off your letter or whatever image you want on your pumpkin. Spray 2 coats of the white spray paint on the pumpkin.

Remove the tape when the paint is still wet, but not dripping to stop it from ripping off white paint. Let the white paint dry completely.

When your paint is dry you are ready to paint your letter on. You could also do this free hand without using tape, but it sure helps to have the letter as a guide!

Spray the clear gloss on your pumpkin when the black paint is dry. You are all set!

This would be great to do with just the white paint and multiple sizes and gourds!

Make it pretty!



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