DIY Friday! Program Fans

Happy DIY Friday! The weather in NC has been super hot, so we thought it might be nice to show ways to help your guests keep cool! One idea we love is combining programs and fans. They can look beautiful at an outdoor wedding on the chairs before hand or passed out! You can get them printed and cut with different vendors, but we wanted to show you how to DIY it!

All you need is:


-Craft Tacky Glue (this stuff does everything! But you could also use a glue stick or glue gun)

-Cardstock (We used a pearlized type from an office supply store)

-Fan sticks

First we googled program templates and typed up our programs.

Insert the paper into your printer so the pearly side of your paper is printed on. For us that meant pearly side down.

Check your print settings and get printing!

Next cut around the template. You could also use text boxes and use a rectangle shape. If you had a slide cutter, this would be super fast for a large number!

Glue down the stick in the center of the card stock.

Line up the other side and glue that down as well.

We glued around the edge of the paper to keep the two sides together.

Apply pressure to the paper to secure the glue.

You are all set and your guests will appreciate the thoughtful idea!

Happy DIY Friday and keep cool!