DIY Friday! Ribbon napkin ring

Happy DIY Friday! We loved the look of ribbons in our last DIY friday post and we wanted to add another element to the table setting. This week we made simple ribbon napkin rings. They would pair perfectly with the ribbon table runner  from last week! They could be used as place cards or with your new monogram!

All you need is:

- Ribbon

- Tacky glue

- napkins (we would love to see this with linen napkins!)

- labels (we used sticky labels but you could also print on cardstock and secure with glue or tape)

- Scissors

First, wrap a piece of ribbon around the folded napkin.

Tie in a simple knot and turn the napkin over.

Cut another piece of ribbon the width of the napkin.

Cut into the edges of the ribbon for a pretty edge.

Secure the ribbon with the tacky glue and press.

Place your label on the top!

You are ready to set your table!

Happy DIY Friday!