DIY Friday! Ribbon Table runner

Happy DIY Friday! This week we made a fun and simple table runner using ribbon! This would look great on a white tablecloth or on the table itself! It would add an elegant look to any event and would be fun to use at a dinner party with elegant white dishes and silver! This would look great on any shaped table and you could use any color. A long dining table could have more than one!

All you need is:

-  Ribbon (we used three different types and sizes)

- Sharp scissors!

Cut the ribbon long enough to hang over the edges of your table.

We cut the ribbon on a bias to keep it pretty!

Lay out the first direction of ribbon. We used 7 pieces for each direction.

Then start weaving them together! We used a basket weave because it is simple and clean looking.

When you have done them all, check your spacing and make sure it is straight and even!

You are ready to set your table!

Happy DIY Friday!