DIY Friday: Sprayed Gold Candle Holders

TGIF everyone! Today we wanted to share a quick, fun and cost-effective DIY with you. This craft is so simple and looks great. We think that this would work great for wedding centrepieces, or anywhere in the home! IMG_1127

What you will need:

- Glass or Candle Holders

- Spray Paint (whatever color you would like)

- Scissors

- Tape

- Plastic Bags

*The spray paint and candle holders were purchased at Michaels.


First, you will want to start cutting and wrapping the plastic around the parts of the glass that you would not like to have spray painted. Once you have the plastic in place, tape it so that it doesn't move.


* We used a folded piece of paper for the tall candle holder to ensure there was a straight line.


I suggest that you take your pieces outside to spray your pieces to avoid getting the paint on your furniture, walls or carpet. Spray paint one layer and let it dry for a few minutes before you do a second layer. TIP: Wrap a plastic bag around the hand that is holding the piece when you are spraying it to avoid getting it all over your hands. 


Let your pieces dry for at least a half an hour. Then start carefully peeling off your plastic and tape.

Once you are finished, your final product should look like this...

Gold-001 We hope that you enjoyed this simple, cost-effective craft that only takes an hour! You can choose whatever colors or designs that you want. We think this craft would be perfect for wedding centerpieces. Use whatever colors are in your palette that would look good on your linens.

Make it pretty!




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