DIY Friday! Stenciled Candle Holder

Happy DIY Friday! We are loving the gold paint we used last week so we wanted to come up with new ways to use it! We love adding candles, so adding gold glitter to them makes them even better!

All you need is: - Glass Candle Holder

-Martha Steward Multi-purpose Craft Paint (we usedFlorentine Gold))

-Sponge brush

-Painter's Tape


Start by centering your stencil and tape it down.

Pour out your paint.

Put some paint on your sponge.

Start stenciling!

You will need more than one coat. We did two and let it dry for an hour in between each coat.

Peel off the stencil and add your candle!

We would recommend a taller candle than the one we used:) You are all set!


Happy DIY Friday! Make it Pretty!

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