DIY Friday! Thanksgiving Place Cards.

As we head into a weekend of festivities and dinner parties, here is an easy DIY project that will add to the table decor and be sure to impress your guests! What you will need:

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Ruler

- Decorative/ Festive paper

- Card stock (you can also use plain printer paper and spruce it up!)

- Some metallic calligraphy pens (you can also use markers or whatever you have on hand)

- Stensils

* All of the supplies were purchased at Michaels.

First we went through my packet of decorative paper and picked six different patterns that we liked. We then went through the card stock and found 6 colored sheets that look good paired with the decorative sheets that were already picked and laid them out.

We then flipped the card stock over and traced an outline of the decorative paper. The card stock should be smaller than the decorative paper, so we then took a ruler and measured 1cm from the edges of the square that were already traced and made a second square. Cut along the lines of the second, smaller square that you just drew.

Once we finished cutting all of my card stock we laid it out. We then decided to take the card stock scraps and test which metallic pen colors would look good on each of the card stock. Once we chose which color we liked for each of the pages we took the stencil and started stencilling the first letter of our guests' names on the card stock.

Once we finished the stencilling, we glued the card stock onto the decorative paper. The card stock was too small for stencilling full names so we chose to only use the first letter of people's names. If you have more than one guest with the same first letter, than you can stencil the second letter of their name in a lower case stencil as we have done.

We then laid out thecards and checked to see if there were any touch-ups needed.

The only thing left to do is set the table and enjoy the food!

We hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Make it pretty!



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