DIY Friday! Tissue paper flowers

Happy DIY Friday! One way to make your out of town guests feel extra special is to make sure there is a welcome bag greeting them when they check in! We love getting these at weddings! They can have a personalized note from the bride and groom, maps of the city, a list of favorite restaurants and shops, food/drinks and even some Tylenol!  It's nice to add a cute touch, since the bags are usually bought in bulk. We made simple flowers out of tissue paper that can be added to any bag to make it pop!

All you need is:

-tissue paper



-gift bag

-flower stencil (optional if you want to free hand)

Start by stacking up the tissue paper.

Staple the center of the stack to keep it together when you cut.

Trace the flower or free hand it.

Cut the flower.

Fluff the tissue paper so it looks more realistic.

Staple it to the bag.

And you are ready to stuff!

Happy DIY Friday and Memorial Day!