DIY Friday- Twine Globe!

Happy DIY Friday! We love the look of hanging globes and wanted to come up with some new options for them, so we made a globe out of regular kitchen twine. We are excited to try out new ways to hang it with lighting! You could make multiple sizes and fill with twinkling lights or use a light kit for night time events. We hung it without lighting since we were using it during the day. You can change the color of the twine or ribbon to fit your decor needs!

All you need is:

-A bouncy ball (any size you want!)

-Twine (we used kitchen, but you could use hemp for a brown globe)

-Plastic gloves and a drop cloth or newspaper

-Clear drying craft glue (we used Aleene's)

Mark a small circle on the top of the ball and a larger one on the bottom.

Put down something to protect your work space and get some gloves on, it gets a little messy! Squeeze a dollop of glue on your glove and slide the twine through it. You could also squeeze directly onto the glove, you want a good coating of glue. Then you start wrapping the glue-covered twine around the ball, avoiding the marked circles. This takes a while- but is fun! 

Keep going until you have it pretty covered! Feel free to add more glue when you are done if you think it needs more. If you are going to put lights in it you could use more twine. Let it dry overnight!

Pop the ball with scissors and carefully remove the ball from the large opening.

Now you are ready to hang it!

Happy DIY Friday!



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