DIY Friday: Vintage Brooch Place Cards!

escort cards vintage When we were looking for some DIY inspiration, we came across this adorable craft done by Intimate Weddings. It is a great way for a little personal touch with a vintage twist. Start visiting flea markets, yard sales and antique shops to collect your brooches, that way you will have enough when the time comes.

What you will need:

- Brooches

- Card Stock

- Labels


Cut your card stock to the desired size (if it is not already).

escort cards

Add a brooch.

name cards

vintage name cards

Print names onto labels, and adhere the labels to the cardstock.

diy vintage name cards

Don't they look amazing?!

vintage escort cards

Thank you so much Intimate Weddings for the awesome DIY craft! We absolutely love it!

Make it pretty!

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