DIY Friday! Wooden and Metal Table Numbers

Happy DIY Friday! We love to mix different materials, like wood and metal. We saw something similar for home decor with initials and thought it would be fun to try as table numbers!

All you need is:

-Wood glue (make sure it dries clear)

-wooden dowel (a hand saw if yours is too long)

-wooden numbers

-metal spray paint

-wood stain

-2 wooden bases (we got ours at a local craft store and used two different shapes)



First we cut the dowel to around 12 inches. You can make it any length you want, depending on the height you need.

Next we drilled a hole in the base, just make sure the drill bit is large enough for the dowel size.

Add some wood glue to the hole and put the dowel in and hold in place for a few seconds. Then wipe off the excess glue.

Spray paint the stand and the table number (we did both sides, but you just need to front and sides).

Use the wood stain and brush a thin coat of stain on the upper wooden piece. We wiped off the excess stain with a cloth to try and keep it even. If you want it darker you can do another coat once it dries.

We glued the upper wooden piece to the dowel and let it dry. Then we glued the number on the front and let that dry too! There is alot of drying in this project! You could also drill the top onto the dowel, but ours had an odd shaped bottom so we opted to glue.

Now you are ready to use it! We might try just a square piece of wood next time for a more rustic look. You could definitely try out different shapes and numbers!

Happy DIY Friday!!