Get to know our New Day of Coordinator Valerie!

Valerie Photo

Valerie Photo

We are so excited for you to meet the talented and bubbly Valerie! Valerie is our new Day of Coordinator! Tia and I are so excited about this new addition to the EME team!

Valerie started planning weddings while attending The University of Maryland College Park. She started out volunteering for weddings in Annapolis, Maryland, which turned into an internship, and her experience led her to become a certified wedding planner after graduation. Valerie did day of coordinating for numerous brides in Annapolis until she got married in early 2012, and followed her wonderful husband to where he was stationed at in Fort Bragg, NC. While he was deployed, Valerie volunteered for different events going on at the military base, but was starting to miss the wedding scene. She has the passion for making weddings unforgettable memories, and making sure every bride and groom is a guest at their own wedding!

With four years of wedding planning experience, and the eye for details for each event, Valerie is the perfect fit to Erin McLean Events. Specializing in day of coordinating, Valerie has the organizational skills, and the experience to make sure each wedding runs smoothly. With her wonderful, detailed wedding timeline, Valerie coordinates with all the vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page, and she makes sure that the bride and groom’s vision of how they want their wedding day to be, will come true.

Valerie loves that each wedding is unique in its own way, and is shaped around the love of two people. She loves working with her couples, and bringing their vision to life. She loves when the bride and groom tell her at the end of each event, that they had the time of their lives, and the day went exactly as they had planned.

She is always ready for the unexpected! Whether its a blizzard, tornado, or rainy day extravaganza, she’s got it covered. No matter what the weather condition is, she does her best to make each wedding run smoothly. Valerie is always up to date with the latest wedding trend, fashion, or crafty idea. She’s always thinking of the next big thing, or a creative touch that each bride and groom could add to their big day.