Greetings from Engage!11

I have been so fortunate to have been able to attend the Engage!11 Conference this week in Grand Cayman (I know, my job is tough! ) Being in a room with Mindy Weiss, Sylvia Weinstock, Marcy Blum, Ed Libby, just to name a few. I learned so much and am so excited to make some strong changes to Erin McLean Events. So excited!

Check out the video here Engage!11 Video!

As an Event Planner I was blown away with all of the details. This was a flawless event from start to finish!

We went to Stingray City and Rum Point. Swimming with the Stingrays was so fun!

Getting to know Randy Fenoli was such a treat! He is amazing! Getting to know these fabulous ladies was wonderful!  Emily Ley (make sure you order her new planner!), Emily Ayer with Southern Weddings, and Whitney English!

So, you know that I love weddings, but you may not know my planning icon has always been the amazingly talented Mindy Weiss. Getting to chat one on one with her was such a surreal experience. She was so down to earth and so genuine. I tried to be cool, but I think I may have come across as giddy!

I am so excited about the new year! We are making some great changes to Erin McLean Events. For 2012 our focus is on excellent client services. We will be announcing some exciting new things on this blog in a few days. Stay tuned!!

So excited!