Happy DIY Friday! Decorative Candy Jars.

It is that time of year when decorations are all the rage. It starts with the black, oranges and whites of Halloween and incorporates some browns and golds for Thanksgiving and finally into the greens and reds for Christmas. We love wreaths, pumpkins and other Halloween decor that make the outdoors look pretty and seasonal. We also love interior seasonal decorations as well. Here is a great craft that can showcase all the different Halloween candies in a decorative way



What you will need is:

- Glass jars with lids (whatever size and shape you like)

- Wooden candlesticks

- Round wooden bases

- Finials (or knobs)

- Hot glue gun

- Pencil

- Paint



 First you will want to choose a paint color and paint all of the wooden pieces.

Remove the lid from the jar and paint that as well.

Allow ample time for everything to dry.

use this

use this

 Next, take the newly painted round wooden base and use your hot glue gun to attach the bottom of it to the bottom of the glass jar. This will leave the top part exposed as the bottom of the jar.

The best way to get the jars centred onto the candlesticks is to flip the jar upside down, exposing the wood piece. Take the candle stick and place it so you have it centered, and lightly draw a circle around it.

Now use the hot glue gun to spread glue in the circle you just traced, and attach the top of the candlestick. Hold for a few seconds to let it set.

Lastly, with the hot glue gun attach the knob or finial to the lid of the jar. Again, it is easier to center it beforehand and trace where the glue should go. Gluing in this circle instead of the knob ensures that it will be centered.

Now you just have to fill it with candy and enjoy!



The great thing about this craft is that it can be used for all of the other holidays of the season as well. If you took the candy out and the lid off, you could fill these jars with candles for your table at Thanksgiving. For Christmas you can fill these with candy canes  pine cones or Christmas ornaments. We love the versatility of these jars. You can use ribbon, sparkles or stencils to personalize this craft the way you like - the possibilities are endless!

  Make it pretty!

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