Happy New Year!!



Happy New Year!!!

I saw this picture from Whitney English, who I am so happy have gotten to meet and know this year. It was absolutely perfect for my "Bring on 2012" post!

I am so blessed to have had such an amazing 2011. I am so grateful for my supportive family, perfect fit of a husband, a thriving business, wonderful adventures, and phenomenal friends.

Normally, I am always ready to welcome a new year. Last night I started getting a little sad to say goodbye to 2011. It was an unbelievable year. As I look back I can see that so many of my goals that I set for myself and my business were accomplished. It is such a sense of accomplishment, but also a challenge to set bigger goals for next year. Scary, in such an exhilarating way!

A year ago when I sat down to write out my goals they seemed so lofty and unattainable. I knew I would figure out a way to make it happen. I did, and am so thankful.

So, as I sit here today with my journal I am going to push myself even more  next year. I want to give my clients an excellent planning experience, I want my design to be stronger and more creative, I want my husband, family, and friends to know how much I love and appreciate them, and most importantly I want to be present in all moments this year.

I am so excited and am ready to knock the socks off of 2012!!!!



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