NC Themed Out of Town Bag or Welcome Bag!

A lot of brides struggle with what to put in a guest welcome bag. Have no fear! Here is a list of ideas to help you start planning!

First, a great idea is to set a theme to your welcome bag. It can be the location of your wedding, or where you are from originally if your having a destination wedding. Research what the town is known for, or what your favorite items are from that town. Here are ideas for a North Carolina Wedding.  We chose some of our favorite NC fun finds!!  The classic Cheerwine, molasses cookies, and a cookie shaped into the NC Tarheel logo. Some of the other items, including the koozietote, and croakies are some of the top southern favorite items in the area. I love this personalized crossword puzzle, I think it's a cute idea to let your guest get to know you a little better. Other town themed bags could include a map of the area, or events that are going on that weekend. It's important to add a welcome note with any instructions that the guest might need to know, transportation pick up times, or the time of the wedding, etc. Remember to thank your guests for coming and let them know how excited you are for them to be a part of your special day!

Best Wishes!