Wedding Tip Thursday - Wedding Toasts


Toasts can be a very special part of a wedding celebration...but who gives them and when? I like to suggest that the Parents of the Groom give a welcome toast at the rehearsal dinner and then after dinner, open the floor for toasts from the wedding party or family members. This is the time to have multiple toasts and maybe even a little light “roasting” of the couple. The day of the wedding, toasts should be more planned – let those giving toasts know in advance so they can prepare. Upon entering the reception, it is nice to have the Parents of the Bride give a welcome. Just prior to the cake cutting, the Best Man and Maid of Honor should offer a toast (brief but sweet is the key!) and after cutting the cake, the newlyweds could address their guests and express their thanks for being part of their celebration. I recommend no more than 2-3 minutes for each toast…and try to avoid any unplanned toasts…this is best handled by your wedding planner who can kindly decline anyone who is not part of the scheduled events. Also, it’s lovely to pass champagne or a specialty drink for the toasts but certainly not necessary. Guests can simply toast with whatever drink they have in hand at the time. Now, toast away and enjoy the memories sure to be expressed during these special moments!

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