Peonies for days!!!


We love celebrating -  celebrating love, marriage, family, and of course peony season. This year we wanted to highlight Mother's Day with a lovely bright table scape - and perfection - it falls at the height of peony season!  We selected the yellow, coral, and fuchsia blooms to be the highlight of the table,  pairing with a simple white table, and place settings, with just a hint of gold - to add a little bit of sparkle. The yellow peonies were incredible, there was not a need for much more to create a happy, bright, and yes,  fancy setting for a perfect Mother's Day celebration! mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-5 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-15

Thank you to Mikkel Paige for taking these photos! mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-14 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-19 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-23 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-24 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-25 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-6 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-7 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-9 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-22 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-8 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_photographer-mothers_day-27


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