Planning an Outdoor Ceremony!

Lee-BoyceAs we approach Spring (And by the way, don’t forget to “Spring Forward” this Sunday for Daylight Savings Time!) we head into the busy wedding season and lots of outdoor ceremonies. One challenge some Brides face when choosing a garden or park is where to wait before the ceremony begins - somewhere to stay hidden from guests and the Groom before walking down the aisle. A very easy  and inexpensive solution is to rent materials to create such a space. A simple pipe and drape set up in a square shape (ask for white draping) or a small 10’ x 10’ tent, are perfect options available from most rental companies. If you want to dress it up, hang garland or moss wreaths to keep the outdoor feeling of the location. Include a full-length mirror and additional ceremony chairs along with a cooler of chilled water (and champagne, of course) and you’ve got a wonderful staging area. It can double as a quick getaway spot immediately following the ceremony for you and the Bridal Party to celebrate privately before gathering for photos!

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