Planning your Wedding: Which Coordinator is Right for You?

When it comes time to plan your wedding, you will find that there are so many decisions to make. One of the biggest things to keep in mind in those preliminary planning stages is what, and who you need to help you throughout the process.

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Day-Of Coordinator:

A day-of coordinator works for you. This is a great  option for the go-get er’ brides that want to plan their whole wedding, but be able to relax the day-of by handing over the reins to a experienced professional who can ensure everything happens according to plan.

Although a day-of coordinator helps less with the details in the planning stage, they will make sure that all of the details come to fruition in the execution stage. They will give you a personalized timeline for the day to make sure things go smoothly, and they will also be the point-of-contact for the vendors should anything go wrong. A dedicated day-of coordinator will be there long before the event to make sure that everything is getting set up on schedule. At the end of the event, the day-of coordinator will help pack up and make sure that all personal items have been collected.   

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Wedding Planner:

A wedding planner also works for you. The difference between a day-of coordinator and a planner is that a planner will help you with every aspect of the wedding. They will help you pick out a venue and suggest vendors based on your budget and your vision.

Planners have one thing that most brides-to-be don’t. Wedding experience! Planners know the potential pitfalls of a wedding from start-to-finish. They will help you avoid them and steer you in a direction that can get you your dream wedding while staying on budget. This personalized one-on-one service means that if there is a question, or a problem arises, your planner can help. From start-to-finish, your planner will help with everything to make sure that your day is perfect.

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Venue Coordinator:

A venue coordinator works for the venue that you book. Their job consists of a variety of things including; selling the venue, giving a tour to potential clients and working on the details for the food service  setup, and arranging the menu. One of the most important things they will do for you is to ensure that the venue staff stays is ready to go, that the food service is excellent and that they venue is doing it's best for you!

Venue coordinators love when the couple has a good wedding planner in place because it allows them to focus on what they need to do, which is oversee the venue staff during the event. 

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Church Coordinator:

A church coordinator is someone whose job consists of making sure that nothing in the wedding ceremony conflicts with the church schedule or belief system. They will schedule and attend the rehearsal, and also orchestrate the ceremony. However, they will not help with the reception after the ceremony. 

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Erin McLean Events offers a variety of options to help you with your special day. We offer full service planning that will assist you with hiring vendors, negotiating contracts; and will also help with the overall design theme of the event. Erin McLean Events also offers day-of coordination.

One very special service that Erin McLean Events offers is Event Design Services. Tune in next Wednesday to see how you can benefit from Event Design Services.