The new Erin McLean Events!

I am so incredibly excited to share my new branding with all of you!! As I entered my 4th year of business this past year, I realized the look and feel of Erin McLean Events needed to feel more more authentic, more me. What did that even mean? Good question!

In January I  had the great fortune of attending a workshop called Making Things Happen. It was there that I really started identify who my ideal bride is. I have always wanted to be a great fit for my brides and vice versa. Making Things Happen was a huge eye opener for me. It made me a better business owner, wife, sister, friend, and planner. I knew that I was a very good wedding planner and designer, but I needed my branding to feel like me.

For 2011, I wanted to truly focus on creating a great experience for my couples from start to finish. To do this, I enlisted the help of some truly talented women. Lara Casey and Emily Ley with Making Brands Happen. Then the real work began!

So, drum roll please...



Thank you to Cathy Olson for doing such a gorgeous job on my new site and blog!

I truly love what I do. I am so blessed to have a job that makes me excited to get up in the morning and come to work. I am always wanting to learn more and grow as a person, professionally and personally. I have put a lot of work into not only the new branding, but in the operations and day to day of Erin McLean Events. I am so excited to share all of this with you.

I will be focusing my blog on Real Weddings, Entertaining ideas, DIY Projects, and all things inspiring.

Thank you so much for visiting my new site! I hope you enjoy!!