Tia's Wedding Tip Thursday!! Fabulous Food!


What’s a wedding without fabulous food? Choosing your menu can be one of the most important and fun items to complete while planning. If you choose a served meal, it also can lead to one of the most difficult parts of wedding to do’s: place cards. Place cards are absolutely the number one thing that I have found can drive a Bride over the edge and into a meltdown. You can’t do them advance because you have to wait for your guests to respond. I’ve also seen several guests change their mind about an entrée choice at the wedding as it was being served…all that hard work for nothing!

My solution, and my absolute top piece of advice I can give to ease the stress of planning, is to not offer a choice of entrée to your guests. What? No choice?! That’s right. I promise you, it will save you hours of work and worry. You can pick one neutral entrée – a fancy stuffed or perhaps pastry-wrapped chicken, for example – or, even better is to choose a duo entrée such as filet and salmon. A small portion of each will be served to each guest. All you need to ask for on your RSVP cards is for guests to indicate if they need a vegetarian entrée. Then, you can tell your caterer how many total vegetarians you will have. The service staff can either just bring a vegetarian entrée to guests who request one as they serve. Or, if you’d like to assign tables (and you can simply list table assignments on a pretty display board), you can tell your caterer specifically which tables – and how many at each table - will need vegetarian options. I can’t stress enough how much easier this will be for you. Another huge plus is the enormous amount of time it saves for the service staff as they serve your guests…you’ll be done with dinner and on to dancing before you know it!

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