Tia's Wedding Tip Thursday! Finding Special Items for your Wedding.



While out and about, don’t forget to keep your eyes open for items to help make your wedding special. I have found some of the most memorable décor in the most unusual places. Holiday sales of any sort can be treasure troves for garlands, ornaments, candles, containers, and so on. Those crystal brooches that are 75% off after Valentine’s Day may be the perfect addition to  your bouquet.

Flea markets and garage sales can provide amazing metal work, frames, and inexpensive furniture. You could use those old iron lanterns to light up the path to your ceremony entrance. Antique jewelry – especially brooches – can be gorgeous on the wedding cake or as gifts to the bridesmaids. Consignment shops often carry a random assortment of very cost effective vases…when paired on a table, they are fantastic for centerpieces. (And could double as the guest favors!) You may not automatically think of your wedding when visiting somewhere like Southern States – but you can find bulk stones and glass rocks, twine, burlap, seed packets…all sorts of items that may fit with your wedding theme. Gather these items as you purchase them and then pass them on to your florist or designer (with a list of the items for safe return!).

The great thing about buying some of your own decoration touches is that you get them back as memoirs after the big day. I found beautiful sparkling ornaments after Christmas that were hung from branches in centerpieces at a spring wedding – and now the bride and groom decorate their Christmas tree with those ornaments each year. You can begin creating memories now for your wedding…just keep your eyes open!

Happy Planning!