Tia's Wedding Tip Thursday!!

Welcome to our new weekly blog feature: Tia's Wedding Tip Thursday! Have you met Tia? In a world of all-things-virtual, don’t underestimate the value of two simple books during your wedding planning. Yes, Pinterest is a wonderful tool and your iPhone can remind you of all the meetings and to do’s…but I have found nothing compares to a tiny notebook on your nightstand and a good three-ring binder.



That little book will be invaluable when you are almost asleep and realize you forgot to schedule your mani pedi appointment – just roll over, and jot it down. Or, if an idea about using a rickshaw for your grand exit comes to you in a dream – just put scribble it in that little book. You’ll be able to get plenty of beauty sleep knowing you’ve got it recorded and can deal with it in the morning. You can even carry this small booklet in your purse during the day so that you can write down any thought that comes to mind… before that thought passes.

The second book needs to be a big three-ring binder that will organize your ideas, inspiration and paperwork. I suggest making the first page your most current to do list and the second page a calendar. Include dividers for each vendor (ceremony, reception venue, caterer, music, florist, baker, rentals, stationary) as well as a section for wardrobe, beauty and general inspiration. After each divider, insert two or three plastic sleeve pockets. Then, include some notebook paper in each section. As you research vendors, write down their information, make notes during meetings, insert their proposals/menus/song lists, etc. and then once you book a vendor, remove all the other info except that which pertains to your chosen vendor. Use the plastic sleeves for their contract, and highlight and record due dates for deposits and headcounts. The plastic sleeves can also hold print outs from web photos or magazine pictures of anything you like. Walking into a florist with examples of what you love will help them understand your vision. And if you don’t have a vision, just start picking out anything you like and throw it in the notebook. A good vendor can work with that and help you develop a vision. This is also a great place to save fabric swatches for linen choices and sample card stock for invitations. When it comes to wardrobe and beauty, include pictures of everything from dresses, shoes and accessories (for you and the bridal party) to hairstyles, makeup, work out routines and nail colors. Walking into the MAC store and asking for that perfect Mulch eye shadow that you saw in a magazine is so much easier than looking for it!

The other thing that will happen as you gather your ideas is you will probably start seeing a trend…and then before you know it, you’ve developed your color scheme and are well on your way to knowing exactly what you want. You get the idea, right? So, before you do anything else, go buy these two books. I promise you’ll thank me later

Happy Planning!!


Triangle Wedding Coordinator