Unique Table Numbers!

Happy DIY Friday! I love the idea of adding a personal touch to tables, no matter how subtle! We made a frame wrapping the matting in a map from a place that is special to you both. These could be great for table numbers or just alone with a picture from your wedding! You could use where you first met, currently live, honeymoon location, or where you grew up!

All you need is:

-A frame with matting

-A map

-tape (you could use any kind, we used blue to make it clear for the blog)

-scissors or exacto knife (put cardboard underneath if you do this!)

We did this sort of like wrapping a present! Start by placing the matting on the map, being sure that the places are on the mat and won't be tucked in.

Wrap the edges around and tape them down.

Once you have done all 4 sides, cut an X  in the center of the mat. This gives each side a triangle to wrap up.



Tape up each corner of the triangle!

That's it!

We put a table number in, but pictures of you as a couple would be great! Or use both and have a keepsake from  your wedding!

Happy DIY Friday!