6 Unique Guest Book Ideas For Your Wedding

Guests books are a nice tradition to have at every wedding. A nice book, framed picture that guests sign, or a picture of a tree with fingerprints of each guest that represent the leaves on the tree, will eventually be displayed in the bride and groom's forever home.

If you are a bride that is wanting to do something "different," something more unique, check out these amazing, unique guest book ideas below!

1. During your cocktail hour or reception, have a friend hand out a card that is labeled with an anniversary year from 1-50. Have each guest, or couple, write a sweet message, that the bride and groom will read on that anniversary. Pick out the top anniversary's - 1st, 5th, 10th, 25th, and give them to your maid of honor, best man, and parents! How sweet and thoughtful is this guest book idea!? You will have something to look forward as each anniversary comes around! {Source}

2. Set up a table at your wedding that has a ton of post cards that already have stamps on them. Have guests sign the post cards, with a sweet personal message, and have one of your friends or parents send them to you randomly throughout the first year of your marriage! There will be a nice surprise in the mail waiting for you that you and your spouse can enjoy for a whole year!

3. Set up empty wine bottles with labels on them, that you could easily make yourself from materials from the craft store, and have a cute selection of paper and pens. Have each guest put a message in one or more of the bottles, giving you wedding advice, and encouragement, that you and your spouse could read on that anniversary. I'm loving these ideas that you can enjoy over time!

4. If you are a wine lover, pick out 4 bottles of wine, print out your own wine labels that say 1st anniversary, 5th, 10th, and 25th. Have guests sign the bottles of wine, and read the sweet messages on the bottle as you enjoy the bottle of wine with your spouse on that anniversary. How delicious is this! Piece of advice: Do some wine research and make sure you pick out a bottle that will still taste good on that anniversary date! Enjoy!

5. Here's a cute idea I love. Order these books, that have a single questions on each book, and have one at every table. Place a pen at each place setting with a ribbon on it that says, "Don't forget to sign the book." Each table will have its own questions to answer. This is a sweet idea that will be a great collection to have on your bookshelf that you can turn to whenever you have questions about the topics; "Where should we go on our 10th year anniversary," "What's a good romantic date to plan," "What is the best wedding advice you've ever received?" This is a great conversation starter for every table as well! {Source}

6. Do you love family game nights? well then this is the perfect guest book idea for you! Buy a Jenga game, and have guests sign a sweet message on each block. Every time you play Jenga as a couple, with friends, or with your future children, you will remember the great advice and loving wisdom that others gave to you on your special day! {Source}