Valentine's Day Photoshoot!

Happy Valentine's Day! We were so happy to have been asked by the Branches & Light,  a photography workshop for ladies organized by Nancy Ray and Caroline Joy, to design and style an "Oh My Darling" Photoshoot!


I LOVE Valentine's Day! I love going to the Dollar Store with 10 dollars and buying tons of tacky decor and decorating my house. Oh its not pretty, but so fun! Happy Valentine's Day to my Darling husband Tom!


Photographer: Caroline Joy and Nancy Ray

Designer and Stylist: Erin McLean with Erin McLean Events

Flowers: Tre Bella

Gown: Tre Bella

Cake: Ashley Cakes

Cake Stand: Sarah’s Stands

Hair and Makeup: Samantha Crowder

Jewelry: Emily Hansel Designs

Calligraphy: Juliet Jones

Venue: The Sutherland


Have a great day with your Valentine!!!