Vera Wang "Hannah"

Happy Wedding Gown Wednesday!

I so love the skirt on this gown!

From Vera:

This is one of the pieces in the Spring collection that stands out for its simplicity: Hannah is an incarnation of that perfectly pristine, youthful, innocent performer, who’s going to ravish the crowd with the sheer beauty of her movements. It’s the romance of the Paris Opera, again, and of Degas’s elegant dancer, poised and fresh and ready for her grand jeté, evoked here in the layers and layers of elegant, fragile organza in Hannah’s ballerina ballgown skirt.

But where there’s flounce and softness to the skirt, you’ll find the exact opposite in the bodice: a structured, clean, dual bustier. The first layer is a natural waist gazaar bustier with a sweetheart neckline, while the outer layer is a rigid, detachable piece with trapunto stitching. It fits over the gazaar layer beneath, giving the bodice a beautiful level of texture and a very fitted construction.

The skirt for Hannah is very artful, with an abstract, degrade floral motif in motion all over: this is another example of the delicacy and delightfulness of laser-cut organza. It’s very sumptuous and very airy—our contemporary ballerina takes the stage, fresh in the bloom of youth.