Wedding Gown Wednesday!

How stunning is this dress?It was featured on Style Me Pretty today. I had to find out more! What a classic style. Photography by Carl Zoch Photography.

From Vera Wang:

Illusion is a fabric technique that I introduced into my design vocabulary early on. I have continued to build upon and innovate around this technique over the years, as it is a cornerstone of my philosophy that bridal fashion should be flattering and forgiving as much as it is glamorous and sexy. Illusion allows a bride to enhance what she wishes in an incredibly subtle manner.

With Emmeline, I played with illusion around the neckline and across the corset bodice. Necklines, like hemlines, play an important role in the culture and history of fashion. For a bride, the neckline must frame your face, shoulders and bosom appropriately, and to give you the desired freedom of movement.

The layers of mixed fabric in Emmeline, together with the ball gown silhouette, convey a sense of fairy tale fantasy. I have added veiled metallic hand-painting to enhance the whimsy of this dress. I find hand- painting on fabric to be imaginative and original, and therefore one of my favorite design techniques.