Wedding Gown Wednesday! Vera Wang Hayden


I simply love Vera Wang. I love how effortless her gowns look on a bride! What do  you think about the Hayden?

From Vera: First, the glamour: it’s the reason we’re so drawn to mermaid gowns. Hayden has a mermaid’s traditionally form-fitting bodice, and it’s very flattering to the body. But I wanted to take the mermaid silhouette one step further, beyond its usual rigid proportions, by creating gorgeous, sweeping movement with a series of diagonal lines and asymmetrically draped pleats in the bodice. I’ve used a very exquisite French tulle and a light chiffon, and I think the effect is powerful: here the bride is highlighting everything she wants to highlight, while keeping the softness and fragility of a ballerina in motion.

The train in Hayden is pure sumptuousness. An artfully-placed pleated tulle overlay starts with the fan of pleats at the back of the bodice, and weaves its graceful way downward, where it meets the floor with a splash.

In choosing a gown, it’s always important to consider the environment and the context it’s going to be seen in. Hayden is a dress that works for many different venues: a bride might wear it appropriately in a romantic, destination wedding on a white sand beach, but it also works equally well in a beautiful, more formal ceremony closer to home. It embodies fluidity, yet embraces complexity, and so for all its influences, it’s a quintessentially modern wedding gown

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