Wedding Tip Thursday!

We love our family!

But what about working with family? Well, maybe it can be a little tricky…more than tricky, actually. I usually recommend avoiding using family as vendors for your wedding plans. However, sometimes it is unavoidable or just makes sense to use a family member. If you choose to use family, please, please, please only do so if they are a professional baker, florist, photographer, etc. Don’t compromise scores are the same way. your dream wedding to give a family member “a chance” or “experience”. If you have a professional vendor in the family that you use, remember to keep it just that – professional! Ask them to treat you like any other client – schedule meetings, ask for a contract, request a proposal outlining their responsibilities and costs. In turn you should pay them a deposit, sign the contract, clearly state your vision and expectations, over communicate and then pay them in full and on time. The key is to remove any “understood” agreements or assumptions. If you keep things professional, it will keep them professional!