Wedding Tip Thursday!!

One thing I like to avoid at all costs is a cookie cutter wedding. All it takes is a little creativity to make your event unique to you as a couple. My tip for doing this is to write out your love story – not in an actually story format (Although, how cute would that be as a wedding gift?) – in simple bullet points as a reference as you plan. Things I usually ask couples are: How did you meet? How did you end up on your first date and where did you go? How and where have you celebrated special occasions during your time together? When did you meet the parents? Do you have any hobbies that you share? Any inside jokes or sayings? And last but least, how did the proposal happen?

If you start thinking about these questions, you’ll have your love story. But you will also have a great reference for adding special touches to your wedding plans that will make your day different – but more importantly, it will speak to your guests about who you are as a couple. Think like this: First date at an Italian restaurant? You could use an Italian theme for the rehearsal dinner. Always go to country band concerts to celebrate special occasions? Make your first dance from one of the bands you went to see. Love to go to wine tastings? Have personalized labels made for wine as your favors or at even for use at the bar. Take that favorite joke or saying and see if you can make it into a name for a signature cocktail. Did he propose in the mountains at a camp fire? Cute packaging around the ingredients for s’ mores would be an adorable favor for your guest. You get the picture! A planner can help bring your love story to life through a consultation. Start thinking of all your cherished memories and before you know it, you will have the most beautiful representations of those memories as part of your wedding.

Thank you Cyn Kain for the photograph!

Happy Planning!