Wedding Tip Thursday!

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July. This Holiday uses a popular wedding celebration item and you can take advantage of it by shopping this week. Benefit from America’s Birthday by scoping out clearance sparklers for your grand exit! I recommend sparklers that are at least 14 inches long and if you can find some that are slow burning, that’s all the better. One key piece of advice before buying them is to make certain your reception venue allows sparklers. After all, these beautiful additions can cause all kinds of damage if not handled properly - so be sure you ask! Group them in baskets, buckets filled with sand or tall vases along with several “clicker” Socialite lighters for guests to pick up as you prepare to leave the reception. Matches are too inconsistent and can take too long to work…the Socialite’s will make sure all the sparklers are lit at the same time for that perfect photo opp. You could also make a cute sign to go along with the display. Something like: ”You light up our lives! Thank you for helping us celebrate our special day. Sparkler send off at 10p.m.” So go ahead and get a little help from Uncle Sam - look for discounted prices to have a cost effective, spark-tacular ending to your wedding!

Happy Planning!