Wedding Tip Thursday!

Becca Jane and Todd Wedding-001You may have started thinking about what perfume you’d like to wear on your wedding. (And actually, if you haven’t, you may want to get some samples and test them out. I can promise you that the perfume you wear that day will always remind you of your wedding!) And you may have even thought about the fragrances you love in certain flowers. But don’t forget to think about the overall effect of scents at your ceremony and reception - specifically the abundance of fragrance that can quickly fill a space. You may love the scent of a lily…but consider how 100 of them will smell in a closed-in space. Or perhaps you are considering using scented candles to create a certain mood…but scented candles can be completely overwhelming when they adorn every single table. So, be cautious, talk to your florist and designer about flowers or scents to avoid and take their advice. If you really want to get fancy, you can actually hire a multiscensory marketing firm (yes, they do exist) to help create the perfect scent for your wedding day! TIA ! copy