Wedding Tip Thursday - DIY vs Professional Florist



In this time of overwhelming inspiration from Etsy, Pinterest, Loverly and so much more, it’s not uncommon to have lots of DIY pieces at a celebration.  As much as we love to see a Bride and Groom put their personal touches on a wedding, I’d like to urge the use a professional florist. It seems simple, right? Flowers, vase, perhaps a ribbon or two and you’re done – or maybe not. Consider these questions:

Where are you going to store them so they stay fresh?

How will you transport them to the location?

Who will handle the set up (and probably miss your ceremony while doing so)?

What is your plan if something breaks or is damaged?

At the end of the night, who will pack everything up and transport it away from the venue?

These are just a few of the items to think about while considering doing your own flowers. A professional florist has the staff, space, transport and skill to handle your floral needs while giving you peace of mind that it is all taken care of. This one area I highly recommend letting the experts handle!

Happy Planning!



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